From: Tapani Juhola
To: Vladimir Gordienko
Subject: Re: [RTTY] Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest 2019

Hello, Vladimir.
Once again I participated this very active contest, got even many
many contacts on 10m and 15m, which has been very rare up here in Finland!
But somehow I did a wrong selection while configuring N1MM+ and
at the end I noticed the contest I had selected was Ukrainian DX DIGI !
Thus my QSO points are wrong:

OH: no QSOs - no problem
Europe: 1 point - instead of 2 pts
DX: 3 pts - no problem
UR: 5 pts - instead of 10 pts!
What would you suggest I do before uploading the Cabrillo log?

- change the CONTEST name to Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY 2019 ?
- leave the points calculation to your evaluation program ?
Sorry for my mistakes.

73 de Tapani/OH2LU

From: Vladimir Gordienko
To: Tapani Juhola
Subject: Re: [RTTY] Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest 2019

Hi, Tapani.

Thank you for participation in the contest and thanks for the new multiplier on 15 and 10 meters.
You should choose UKRAINIAN-DX and RTTY mode in N1MM+ program.
This is my fault, I will try not to forget to report it next year to N1NN+ group.
You can simply send your cabrillo log and our program will calculate everything correctly.
I look forward to meet you in any contest in the future again.

73 Vladimir UZ1WW
(aka UT1IA, UT5CW, etc)